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Please help Monroe Park.

Please respect the Park and the People who use this green space.

This Park is a passive Park. It is not designed for team sports.

Monroe Park is open from sunrise to sunset
City Code Secs. 8-280 and 8-267

No motorized vehicles
City Code Sec. 8-268

Unattended items are subject to removal without notice

Please put recyclables and trash in the proper receptacles
City Code Sec. 19-82

No drugs or alcohol
City Code Sec. 19-3

No obstruction of public access, or flow of public travel through the park
City Code Sec. 19-110

Monroe Park adheres to the VA Department of Health guidelines for food distribution
State Code Sec. 35.1-14.2

No camping
City Code Sec. 8-273

No fires
City Code Sec. 13-199

No fireworks
City Code Sec. 13-197

No disruptive conduct
City Code Sec. 8-264

No glass containers outside of designated areas
City Code Sec. 8-270


Special Events Public or Private

Required for any one of the following per City Code:

100+ more persons will participate.
It will be publicly advertised in any form.
It will involve sales of food/beverages/merchandise.
Amplified music or sound will be used.
City Code Secs. 8-279 and 8-372

Erection of tents, stages or other structures
driving stakes or poles
City Code Secs. 8-273, 8-279, 8-372, and 30-300

Vending, concessions and commercial activities
City Code Secs. 8-274, 8-279, and 8-372